İngilizce Time Order Words, anlamları, cümle içinde kullanımları, eş ve zıt anlamları

prior to





bu the time

while-as-just as


at that very moment

in the meantime-meanwhile


as soon as-once-the minute that


for the next few weeks

as things stand

ever since

in medieval times

one day


from now on

back in the 1990s

over the past six weeks

over the coming weeks and months

in another five years' time

in those days

a few decades ago


at this moment in time

at the turn of the century anlamları, cümle içinde kullanımları, eş ve zıt anlamları

Prior to: Before a certain point in time.

Sentence: "Prior to the 19th century, the area was uninhabited."

Synonym: Before, Preceding

Antonym: After, Subsequent

Previously: At a time before now or before the point in time being discussed.

Sentence: "She had previously visited the museum several times."

Synonym: Before, Formerly

Antonym: Later, Subsequently

Earlier: Before the present time or before the time referred to.

Sentence: "We had discussed the matter earlier in the day."

Synonym: Before, Previously

Antonym: Later, Afterward

Formerly: In the past; in earlier times.

Sentence: "The building that formerly housed the post office is now a library."

Synonym: Previously, Once

Antonym: Currently, Now

Precede: To come before something in time.

Sentence: "The Renaissance precedes the Baroque period in European history."

Synonym: Antecede, Forego

Antonym: Follow, Succeed

By the time: Not later than; at or before.

Sentence: "By the time we arrived, the concert had started."

Synonym: Before, When

Antonym: After

While/As/Just as: During the same time that; as something else is happening.

Sentence: "While he was cooking, the phone rang."

Synonym: During, Whilst

Antonym: Before, After

During/Throughout: For the whole time or action; all through.

Sentence: "She was cheerful throughout the day."

Synonym: Through, Over

Antonym: Outside, Beyond

At that very moment: Exactly at the same time.

Sentence: "At that very moment, the fireworks began."

Synonym: Just then, Simultaneously

Antonym: Before, After

In the meantime/Meanwhile: During the time before something happens or before a specified period ends.

Sentence: "You can watch TV, and in the meantime, I'll cook dinner."

Synonym: In the interim, Simultaneously

Antonym: Afterwards, Subsequently

Afterward: At a later or future time; subsequently.

Sentence: "We went for a walk, and afterward, we had tea."

Synonym: Later, Subsequently

Antonym: Before, Previously

As soon as/Once/The minute that: Immediately after.

Sentence: "As soon as the bell rings, we will start the test."

Synonym: Directly, Immediately

Antonym: Eventually, Later

Following: After an event or as a result of it.

Sentence: "Following the meeting, they agreed on a new strategy."

Synonym: After, Subsequent

Antonym: Before, Prior

For the next few weeks: During the coming weeks; for the period that is approaching.

Sentence: "She will be traveling for the next few weeks."

Synonym: Over the following weeks

Antonym: For the past few weeks

As things stand: Considering the current situation.

Sentence: "As things stand, we are likely to finish the project on time."

Synonym: Currently, Presently

Antonym: Previously, Formerly

Ever since: Continuously from a certain point in time until now.

Sentence: "Ever since she read the book, she has been thinking about it."

Synonym: Since then, Continuously

Antonym: Just now, Recently

In medieval times: During the period in European history from the 5th to the late 15th century.

Sentence: "In medieval times, castles were both fortresses and homes."

Synonym: In the Middle Ages

Antonym: In modern times

One day: At some unspecified time in the future; at some time in the past.

Sentence: "One day, I hope to travel around the world."

Synonym: Someday, Eventually

Antonym: Never, Not ever

Nowadays: In the current period; in these times.

Sentence: "Nowadays, people rely heavily on their smartphones."

Synonym: These days, Currently

Antonym: Previously, In the past

From now on: Starting at the present time and continuing into the future.

Sentence: "From now on, I will exercise every morning."

Synonym: Henceforth, Hereafter

Antonym: Up until now, Previously

Back in the 1990s: Refers to events that occurred during the decade of the 1990s.

Sentence: "Back in the 1990s, the internet was just starting to become popular."

Synonym: In the 90s

Antonym: Recently, In the 21st century

Over the past six weeks: Referring to the time period that extends backwards from the present through the last six weeks.

Sentence: "She has made significant progress over the past six weeks."

Synonym: In the last six weeks

Antonym: In the next six weeks

Over the coming weeks and months: Referring to the time period that extends forward from the present through the following weeks and months.

Sentence: "The project will be completed over the coming weeks and months."

Synonym: In the near future, Shortly

Antonym: In the past weeks and months

In another five years' time: Five years from now.

Sentence: "In another five years' time, I plan to have my own business."

Synonym: Five years from now, In five years

Antonym: Five years ago

In those days: Referring to a period in the past, often suggesting a time that is remembered for being different from the present.

Sentence: "In those days, we did not have the internet."

Synonym: Back then, At that time

Antonym: These days, Now

A few decades ago: Several tens of years in the past.

Sentence: "A few decades ago, the political landscape was quite different."

Synonym: Some decades back

Antonym: In a few decades

Lately: Recently; in the recent past.

Sentence: "Have you noticed how she's been coming in late lately?"

Synonym: Recently, Of late

Antonym: Long ago, Formerly

At this moment in time: Right now; at the current point in time.

Sentence: "At this moment in time, we need to make a crucial decision."

Synonym: Currently, Presently

Antonym: Previously, In the past

At the turn of the century: The period around the end of one century and the beginning of the next.

Sentence: "At the turn of the century, the world was experiencing great change."

Synonym: Around the century's end

Antonym: Mid-century

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